Issue 3point5

Hello readers!


Bit of news– for the first time, we have collected a grouping of featured writing together into an issue of the magazine! Since this is a miniature version of the magazine proper, with only 5 contributing authors, this is our first “half” issue, Issue 3point5. Check it out on our front page, or in our featured writing, or in our archives. You know. all over. Or on Issuu itself, if you are on one of those fancy mobile devices that despise flash so much! Or… how about here?


Also, don’t forget that coming soon, very soon, we will have Issue Four! It is on its way, people, do not despair!

AND, coming up, open reading for Issue Five, which, as a reminder, is our FLASH NONFICTION issue, so choose those words wisely– you only get 750.





First off, Featured Writing for the past TWO months is now live. Check out September with Edward A. Dougherty’s “In Praise of Pyroplasticity” and contemplate it. I mean really, we posted a month late. You can read this one a few times over. Spoiler alert: IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT.


Once you have sufficiently enjoyed September, come on over to October for the return of Kelsey Garmendia (veteran, Issue 3) with “My Mother’s Funeral.” And you will enjoy that one just as much as September’s. Or else. (I wouldn’t know if you didn’t, but I know you should. And you will. Because it’s awesome.)


Also! The reading period for Issue Four is drawing to a close, which makes this the perfect time for a drumroll up to our announcement for Issue Five.


Issue Five………… will be a SPECIAL PRINT ISSUE.

And, since it’s special… we’re talking themes.

Issue Five’s theme is pretty simple, while being THE MOST CHALLENGING THEME YET (SINCE IT’S THE FIRST):

(deep breaths) Flash Non-Fiction.


That’s right. Instead of giving you the usual “5000 word limit” on submissions, we’re cutting you off at 750 for Issue Five. Get to editing, folks, because we’re lookin’ for the short-shorts. The shortys.


Bring it.

Words, beautiful words

When we set out to create an issue of Embodied Effigies, we have no idea what kind of writing we’ll receive throughout the submissions process. Often, we go through a variety of reactions to the words presented before us every few months.








We have shaken our heads, laughed until we cried, taken deep breaths, shuddered under the weight of things left unsaid, sighed in relief.

All because of words. Beautiful, unflinching words. They are lines on paper, squiggles on a screen. Black on white. Characters we assign with meaning, a shared meaning that this thing means this thing means this thing means the world.


We want to make something as beautiful as the words you give us. Even if you don’t like birds, you have to admit… There’s something beautiful going on in issue three.

As we continue to read and write and create, we learn more and more about the words that each of you are capable of creating. In fact, we’ve been very fortunate to have repeat contributors with the same level of fantastic work. We want to keep growing, keep getting better, and you all make that possible.

Yes, sometimes we have delays, and we have deadlines that we miss, and we have setbacks that derail us for a little while, but we will always keep pushing to bring you truth.

Truth in words, in beautiful, simple words.


All that truth… starts again. Right now. Reading for Issue Four begins.

At the end of August

Welcome to the end of August, where we work our way to getting Issue Three all done (proofs going out tonight!) and start planning for Issue Four. If you’ve submitted to the magazine in the past few months but haven’t heard anything, not to worry! We’ll be reading submissions through September and October for Issue Four. Shortly after we close on Issue Four (getting ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? yes. now hush.), we’ll have an announcement regarding Issue Five. Stay tuned!


Look for Issue Three, coming soon to a screen near you! (Right in front of you, most of the time.) We know we’ve had some trouble getting Three up and running this time, but we hope to smooth out those kinks and get things up to snuff for the next big show.


All the best–

Co-Editor Cat

Previews for Issue Three

Well would you take a look at that: we’ve got previews of design and content for you all waiting patiently/eagerly for Issue Three.

Can I just brag for a second here? These designs– they are beautiful. I mean, they are just gorgeous. And this is a rough. ROUGH.


I am just…

To fully express myself, we’re going to have a picture post.





But seriously, guys, that’s fantastic.


And not only that, but just out today is our June Featured Writing, with one of the pieces in Issue Three: Nicole St. Pierre’s “Dear Editor:”. Go read it, right now, right here.


We’re going to take a minute and get super serious about this.


Read this:

I could tell you that my bones filled up with concrete and my skin is made of rice paper and if I try to move I will break all to pieces and I’ve got no one to clean up the mess.  Perhaps this is graphic, perhaps this is extreme, but you cannot deny that I could tell you this and yet it would not be good enough.



Every part of Nicole St. Pierre’s writing is like this. It is that amazing and wonderful and even moreso, and we are so excited to feature it for June as well as in Issue Three of Embodied Effigies.


So go read it, and John will keep designing, and I’ll just be over here proofing and editing and contacting and organizing everything else, feeling like the least creative cog in this incredible device.





Logistics and Correspondence Master Cat here with some news:


Whew! After much deliberation and very silent arguing (not really, we tend to agree on just about every piece we read. We’re like that sometimes.), we’ve finally responded to all the submissions for Issue Three. In fact, we’re about to send out information to our contributors and head straight to work on designing and getting Issue Three up and running.


After a chance encounter with Design Guru and Wildlife Aficionado John at the Muncie, Indiana Goodwill, I think I can safely give you a spoiler alert as to Issue Three:

We’ve done deer. Get ready for a different part of the animal kingdom.


This issue is for the birds (which, on a related note, my sister-in-law would absolutely hate as she has been terrified of birds since childhood [thanks to an underage viewing of Hitchcock’s The Birds as well as visits to parts of the zoo involving birds swooping over and at her head]. How’s that for a shout-out, Evie?).



Anyway, we’ll be hard at work getting this issue going, so long as we’re not hard at work reading and writing and shelving books. (Did you hear? Both of your editors are now handy-dandy library workers!)


Anyway, best wishes to everyone, and here’s to an absolutely crazy development phase for Issue Three!

In Truth

As we read the words submitted for Issue Three, we have to be careful. This has been true for the past issues as well–

We are a creative nonfiction magazine, therefore, we’re looking for reality in our pages, but who is to say what reality really is? In our calls for submissions, we ask for:

“…your truths, your lies, and everything else in that muddled-up gray area in between…”

or something like that.


So what do we do when we receive something that isn’t CNF? What if it’s fiction, and we don’t find out until after we’ve published it?


Honestly, we’re trying to figure that out as well. We don’t want to take away that publication from our contributors, especially after we’ve gone through and done the contract and made the magazine.


So far, the best we can do is ask for creative nonfiction writing and hope that everything we get falls into that category. It’s true, we can’t prove it without a long interview process and possible background check and maybe even some sort of truth serum, but we did ask for lies as well. We asked for everything in between- And we do want it.


Most of all, what Embodied Effigies wants to publish are words that make us feel real. Perhaps that is the truth, or at least the best reality we can come to– do we feel real in reading these words put in front of us?


Do you feel real when the whispers of a lie caress the page?


Or can you tell at all?


I suppose we’ll find out. In the meantime, we have at least one truth for you in our Featured Writing this month…

guess which.

The Ear Doctors Understand Nothing or Linda

Happy Anniversary

One year ago today, two college kids sat on a couch and decided they’d make a magazine. They tossed out words and knew only what kind of writing they loved.

And suddenly we’re here. One year old already, and feeling more and more legitimate by the day. As an anniversary gift for the magazine, here’s a summary of our first two issues: A word cloud, with the top 200 words used throughout the issues, website, and featured writing. Feel free to draw your own conclusions on what kind of magazine we have become.

Happy Anniversary Embodied Effigies!

A word cloud of the top 200 words used throughout Issues One & Two

Thank you all for a wonderful year. We hope to continue to grow throughout year two and in all the years to come. What’s in store for year two, though? Well, obviously issues three and four, and the full return of featured writing. The rest will have to be a surprise– but just know that we couldn’t have done it without you.

Featured Writing: The Return

It’s been awhile since our last featured writing, when we showcased Bridget Gelms’ “There is No Dog.”

Well, after all is said and done, we simply didn’t receive submissions until we opened up for our second issue–the featured writing isn’t quite as popular, it would seem.

That being said, we’re extremely proud to bring it back for the beginning of 2013.

The Featured Writing for January 2013 is taking a different direction, though– we’re showcasing something you’ve seen, but we want you to really take a look at it this time. We want you to know that





Alright, enough of the build up.

Go see our January 2013 Featured Writing: Donna Girouard’s “Something We Can’t Mend”


It’s good to be back.

Issue Two

Ladies and Gentlemen, Creative Nonfiction readers and writers,

Issue Two is now live.

We couldn’t be happier with this issue, our first to branch outside of the confines of college.

We want to thank everyone for their curiosity, contributions, and support throughout this process–we couldn’t have done it without you. This really has been wonderful.

Now, we’ll take a break from this hectic pace and pick up reading submissions again in, oh, say, February? Sounds good to us.

Presenting, the second round, your Effigies.