We’re Still Here!

We’ve had some questions from contributors and readers and other magazines… Are you still there? Are you still publishing? Hey guys, just wondering what happened to you.

We’re still here! We promise! Frankly, life just gets crazy sometimes and we miss…well, everything, where Embodied Effigies is concerned. We’ve just sent out the proofs to our contributors for Issue Seven, and once we hear back from them, we’ll be in the home stretch for this issue.

There are some big changes coming after this issue, so please stay tuned. As we finish up this issue, we’ll be making plans for changing things up, so keep a lookout on our website to see the new things happening. John’s been conferencing and has brought back tons of new ideas for us to implement, and Catherine’s been reaching out into the literary community to work on the logistics of the magazine itself.

We’re still here. We’re still reading. And if you’re still writing, we still want to hear your truth.

Issue Six–Out. Issue Seven–Reading.

Hello friends and writers!

We finished up with Issue Six a few months ago, and now after a short break for the holidays, it’s time to get back to business. This last issue took longer than usual due to the home lives of the editors getting a little out of hand, but rest assured we’ll be back to it and (fingers crossed) producing two issues per year again. We appreciate all the patience from our contributors and readers, and we look forward to reading all your fabulous work as we open up for submissions for issue seven of Embodied Effigies.

Submissions will still be accepted year round, but we will be actively reading for Issue Seven throughout March and April. During May, we will evaluate our submissions and send out responses, and through June we will craft the magazine featuring your work. Our tentative release date for Issue Seven will be July of 2017.

Issue Six Submission Period Ends TODAY!

Hello writers!

The submission period for issue six of Embodied Effigies ends today. All work received after midnight tonight will be considered for future issues but will not receive notice of acceptance or rejection until we begin work on the next issue (issue seven). This can take up to or beyond six months. Submissions received today or prior to today will be notified of acceptance or rejection by mid-November. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us via our contact page or by emailing embodied.effigies@gmail.com . Happy writing, all. We look forward to reading your work.

Another Year

As I looked through the submissions, internally debating with myself as well as marking pieces for further discussion between myself and John, I looked down at the date and time on my laptop and realized that today Embodied Effigies is three years old.

Once again, we have come around to the day that John and I sat on my couch and created, from a list of names and an idea of collecting beautiful truth and words, the magazine that is on its way to its fifth issue. This milestone issue, as many of you know, will be our second print edition of the magazine.

Thanks to a question from a former contributor, I looked into the statistics of our magazine today as well. Acceptance rates, how many submissions we’ve received, etc. We have grown so much–it’s amazing to look at and realize that we had no idea we’d be here as we pored over ideas and considered what we might create. The first issue of our magazine had just 25 submissions, 5 of which were solicited. We accepted and published 11 of those submissions, for an acceptance rate of 44% for our first issue. Since then, due to growth and an increased knowledge of the magazine we wished to cultivate, our acceptance rate has dropped quite a bit– to 15% for Issue Four. But we’ve read some incredible work. Work that has moved us to tears, made us giggle and laugh with such delight at the humor some of our contributors have been able to craft.

We are truly grateful for the past three years, readers and contributors, and we look forward to sharing so much more work with you all.

Stay tuned for issue five, as we draw closer to our final decisions on some and talk with printers and ready ourselves to release this collection of flash nonfiction onto the world.

All the best–


Happy New Year from Embodied Effigies

And on to 2015 we go. We are hard at work deciding what will go into our special print edition for Issue Five, as well as figuring out the logistics of that statement.

We figured it might be a nice idea to keep the readers in the loop, of course, so to let you know what is going on, here we are! We’re well on our way to collecting the best flash nonfiction from these submissions, and while we’re at it, we’re still looking at the lovely words flowing in for our Featured Writing.

The end of Featured Writing for 2014 fell a bit weird, though, so we’ll be having a little 2014-2015 from December to January piece. Featured Writing on that will be decided around January 30th, maybe 31st. Keep writing! (and, you know, submitting)

We should be well on our way to accepting and (unfortunately) declining pieces by then as well. John has been dutifully reading and making notes on the submissions while Cat has been slacking off over the winter break (don’t worry, she’s writing this, it’s not insulting. It’s true.). She’s about to get down to it though, and we will have those decisions and responses out to our lovely contributors by the end of January! (See, if she sets a date, she’s bound by social responsibility to stick to it.)


Stay tuned for a very interesting 2015.


And just like that, we’ve closed the submissions for Issue Five. We will be working to read through all these fabulous submissions to find just what will fit for Issue Five of Embodied Effigies. With that wrap-up, though, comes a publication of featured writing!

We are excited to announce that we have just published Kirby Wright’s “French Class” as the selection for October-November 2014. We encourage you all to take a look at it here!

Wright’s piece is fascinating in description and scene, and when you take an editor that loves words and language as much as Cat does and plunk her down with Wright’s work… well, you’d think somebody had tipped him off! (We didn’t, did you?) Seriously though, take a look at this piece. We’re excited.

And now… on to reading your 750-word masterpieces!

Long time coming

Readers, writers, everyone–

This one was a long… long, long,long time coming. I know there have been so many people asking about their work, and we even lost some contributors because we took so long to get this one on its feet. That would be on us. Yes, this past year has been absolutely nuts, but that’s just how life works.

What matters now is that it’s here. Issue Four was published earlier today and it looks beautiful. We owe all our design magnificence to Mr. John Carter himself, who really made some incredible images pop on the page. I am so ecstatic to have been working with him and to continue working with him throughout this process.

Now, what’s next? Issue Five is the next thing on our plates. Therefore, I declare the reading season for Issue Five to be officially open! As these should be pretty short reads (you know, flash nonfiction issue and all), we’re going to have an extended official reading period. We’ve had submissions open for Issue Five for awhile now, but we’re going to give you a few more months to really hone that work. Our submission period will close in late November, early December (we’ll get back to you on a very specific date).

We look forward to reading your words! You get 750 of them, so they better be awesome!


Coeditor Cat here, wishing coeditor John a huge amount of congratulations on his wedding last weekend to the lovely Chelce. The wedding was beautiful, and I join many in wishing them the best as they move forward into this life together.

That being said, I also have a little moment to share from that day which applies to the magazine. After the wedding, I ventured down the receiving line to wish the best to the happy couple and say hello to their family and friends in the wedding party. After giving John a hug, I came to his mother and father. I (re-) introduced myself to them, and Mary, John’s mother, immediately gathered me into a hug, thanking me for being so patient with John as we’ve worked on the magazine throughout this last year as he prepped and planned for the wedding.

That thanks extends to you all as well. Without your patience, readers and contributors, we would not be able to lead our lives and still work towards creating something we love.

Full disclosure: in the way things work for the two of us, I handle most of the communications and copyediting work. John takes the reigns for design, which is just a beast of work. We both read and decide what goes into the magazine, as well as deciding on major edits or rewrites that may be needed.

As John and Chelce return from their honeymoon, let’s welcome them back to their married life with warmth and joy. John told me he would finish up these last little design details when they got back, but please settle in and enjoy each other as you return home. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

And then we’ll get serious. Or something.

Congratulations, John and Chelce!

Balancing Life with a Labor of Love

As we draw to the final details of Issue Four (not to worry contributors, the proofs will be in your hands shortly), we also draw to the close of one of the most distracted periods of time for the editors. Every issue, we want to build the magazine in both the quality of the content as well as our reach in displaying the amazing work of our contributors. This issue has been a little different, however, as we’ve experienced delays and life issues that keep us from highlighting the work we love to read and write. Cat has been trying to find some editing and writing time on top of working both at her library and on her MFA degree at Ashland University, not to mention the exhausting process of buying her first house with her husband. John has also has an incredibly busy year, working at his library as well as planning a wedding with his lovely fiancée, coming up just next month! For the both of us, it has been a jam-packed year, and unfortunately, the magazine had to be our back burner project– which has caused many contributors to flee, fearing a dead zone in the literary magazine map.

We are not dead. We are working on issue four. It will be out within the month. It will be a smaller issue, due to lack of contact from some contributors– which, again, we can see why they might think we were down for the count.

So, if you’re still here, we thank you for sticking around. Your patience makes this easier, but it doesn’t make our lack of attention acceptable.

It can be hard to justify working on something without getting paid for it. That’s when you know it really is a labor of love. We created Embodied Effigies because we love creative nonfiction writing. We love to read it, we love to write it. To call on one of the greats of the genre, Joan Didion says it in one of the best ways: “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”


In order to balance a little bit better, and to keep one of the editors from ripping her hair out in frustration and guilt because she keeps delaying the posts, featured writing will be changing from a once per month format to a bimonthly post. The site will soon reflect these changes, so bear with us while we get things manageable in life and writing again.

Here goes. Another issue to do, more obstacles to puzzle through, more life to balance.

Thank you for your patience while we try to find the right words.

Featured Writing May 2014

Greetings writers, readers, passers-by!

Today we take a look at our featured writing from May 2014, Brett Ashmun’s “How We Endure.” A lovely piece, full of contemplation, one that makes us itch to take our favorite blanket into our hands. Pay special attention to the craft behind this one, there are some interesting techniques at play! Some personal favorites of one of the editors, especially.


We’re still looking at June’s featured writing submissions, but we’ve got our eyes on one in particular… Stay tuned, World.


For now, enjoy.

May 2014: “How We Endure” by Brett Ashmun