[Issue Two]

Issue Two (Winter 2012) of Embodied Effigies was published January 4, 2013.

Featured Authors:

Justin Alexander
“Intrusive Thought”

Donna Girouard
“Something We Can’t Mend”

Joey Dean Hale
“The Cupsman”

Steven Lazarov
“Prisons (Decreed and Chosen)”

Kristine Mahler

Diane Payne
“Nourish the Soul”

Douglas Penick
“Continuing with: Arakawa”

Colleen Purcell

Louis Reyna
“Trips Back to L.A.”

Alyssa Ross
“Tea for Two”

Girija Sankar
“The Smell of Camphor and the Fragrance of Mustard”

Dan Sklar

A. Hunter Sunrise
“My Brother Died When I Was Twenty-One”

Jason Thorpe
“The Men’s Room”

Sara Walters
“Attn: The Boy Who Used to Love Me, Re: Songs that remind me of you, a revised list”


One thought on “[Issue Two]

  1. To Doug Penick: a marvelous poem, a lovely tribute to Arakawa, a clear description of the internal dynamic of the “collaboration,” and a clear eye to the central problem. You understand that perhaps in spite of the collaboration, Arakawa still recognized that sincerity itself is a form of love, when all else fails. Which raises the question, and I can’t wait for you to get the answer from him!



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