[Issue Three]

Issue Three of Embodied Effigies was published September 11, 2013.

Featured Authors:

Amber Hollinger
“How to Wash a Body”
“Dance of the Skeleton Woman”

Brad Garber
“The Dog”

Brandy Bauer “Not-Dad”

Candase Wenbin Tang
“Fortune Teller No. 35: A Master or Saltimbanque?”

Catori Sarmiento
“These Clean Scars”

Danielle Palumbo

Debra Fox

Erin Olds

Ginger Graziano
“Exact Change Speeds Trips”

Iris Dorbian
“The Visitation”

Jennifer Leeney Adrian
“The Away Wedding”

J. Davis
“Dragon Fruit Skyy Vodka”

John Richmond

Katya Kulik
“Icelandic Pebbles”

Kelsey Garmendia
“Stained Glass Windows”

Laura McCullough
“Six Seconds of Sexy”

Louis Reyna
“The Suzy Chronicles: Part I”

Morgan Bazilian
“The Lake”

Nicole St. Pierre
“Dear Editor:”

Tina Vivian
“Following Tracks”

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