[Issue Six]

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Issue Six was published November 27, 2016. This issue features work from the following contributors:

Glen Armstrong
“A Brief History of Children’s Literature”
“A Brief History of Cupid”
“A Brief History of Margaret”

Brett Ashmun
“How We Endure (Divorce)”

J. David Bell
“Talking to Cats”

Luanne Castle
“The Summer Etan Patz Went Missing”

C. Cimmone
“The Alligator”

Mara A. Cohen
“Long Walk Home”
“True Companion”

Michael Gentry
“One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Trash”
“Yogi #1”

M. Courtney Hughes
“Sneakers Bare the Soul”

Alice Lowe
“In Praise of Simple Living (Just Add Ice Cream)”

Finley J. MacDonald

Lily Iona MacKenzie
“What’d I Say?”

G.M. Monks
“Into the Canyon”

John Richmond
“Me and My Friends”

Bill Schroeter
“The Walrus and the Curator”

Lizz Schumer
“Bloody Mary”

Jessica Seymour
“Ripe Figs Won’t Keep”

Scott Warren
“Africa Refuses to Rise”

Kirby Wright
“Pounders Beach, 1968”

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