Another Year

As I looked through the submissions, internally debating with myself as well as marking pieces for further discussion between myself and John, I looked down at the date and time on my laptop and realized that today Embodied Effigies is three years old.

Once again, we have come around to the day that John and I sat on my couch and created, from a list of names and an idea of collecting beautiful truth and words, the magazine that is on its way to its fifth issue. This milestone issue, as many of you know, will be our second print edition of the magazine.

Thanks to a question from a former contributor, I looked into the statistics of our magazine today as well. Acceptance rates, how many submissions we’ve received, etc. We have grown so much–it’s amazing to look at and realize that we had no idea we’d be here as we pored over ideas and considered what we might create. The first issue of our magazine had just 25 submissions, 5 of which were solicited. We accepted and published 11 of those submissions, for an acceptance rate of 44% for our first issue. Since then, due to growth and an increased knowledge of the magazine we wished to cultivate, our acceptance rate has dropped quite a bit– to 15% for Issue Four. But we’ve read some incredible work. Work that has moved us to tears, made us giggle and laugh with such delight at the humor some of our contributors have been able to craft.

We are truly grateful for the past three years, readers and contributors, and we look forward to sharing so much more work with you all.

Stay tuned for issue five, as we draw closer to our final decisions on some and talk with printers and ready ourselves to release this collection of flash nonfiction onto the world.

All the best–



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