Happy New Year from Embodied Effigies

And on to 2015 we go. We are hard at work deciding what will go into our special print edition for Issue Five, as well as figuring out the logistics of that statement.

We figured it might be a nice idea to keep the readers in the loop, of course, so to let you know what is going on, here we are! We’re well on our way to collecting the best flash nonfiction from these submissions, and while we’re at it, we’re still looking at the lovely words flowing in for our Featured Writing.

The end of Featured Writing for 2014 fell a bit weird, though, so we’ll be having a little 2014-2015 from December to January piece. Featured Writing on that will be decided around January 30th, maybe 31st. Keep writing! (and, you know, submitting)

We should be well on our way to accepting and (unfortunately) declining pieces by then as well. John has been dutifully reading and making notes on the submissions while Cat has been slacking off over the winter break (don’t worry, she’s writing this, it’s not insulting. It’s true.). She’s about to get down to it though, and we will have those decisions and responses out to our lovely contributors by the end of January! (See, if she sets a date, she’s bound by social responsibility to stick to it.)


Stay tuned for a very interesting 2015.


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