Coeditor Cat here, wishing coeditor John a huge amount of congratulations on his wedding last weekend to the lovely Chelce. The wedding was beautiful, and I join many in wishing them the best as they move forward into this life together.

That being said, I also have a little moment to share from that day which applies to the magazine. After the wedding, I ventured down the receiving line to wish the best to the happy couple and say hello to their family and friends in the wedding party. After giving John a hug, I came to his mother and father. I (re-) introduced myself to them, and Mary, John’s mother, immediately gathered me into a hug, thanking me for being so patient with John as we’ve worked on the magazine throughout this last year as he prepped and planned for the wedding.

That thanks extends to you all as well. Without your patience, readers and contributors, we would not be able to lead our lives and still work towards creating something we love.

Full disclosure: in the way things work for the two of us, I handle most of the communications and copyediting work. John takes the reigns for design, which is just a beast of work. We both read and decide what goes into the magazine, as well as deciding on major edits or rewrites that may be needed.

As John and Chelce return from their honeymoon, let’s welcome them back to their married life with warmth and joy. John told me he would finish up these last little design details when they got back, but please settle in and enjoy each other as you return home. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

And then we’ll get serious. Or something.

Congratulations, John and Chelce!


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