Balancing Life with a Labor of Love

As we draw to the final details of Issue Four (not to worry contributors, the proofs will be in your hands shortly), we also draw to the close of one of the most distracted periods of time for the editors. Every issue, we want to build the magazine in both the quality of the content as well as our reach in displaying the amazing work of our contributors. This issue has been a little different, however, as we’ve experienced delays and life issues that keep us from highlighting the work we love to read and write. Cat has been trying to find some editing and writing time on top of working both at her library and on her MFA degree at Ashland University, not to mention the exhausting process of buying her first house with her husband. John has also has an incredibly busy year, working at his library as well as planning a wedding with his lovely fiancée, coming up just next month! For the both of us, it has been a jam-packed year, and unfortunately, the magazine had to be our back burner project– which has caused many contributors to flee, fearing a dead zone in the literary magazine map.

We are not dead. We are working on issue four. It will be out within the month. It will be a smaller issue, due to lack of contact from some contributors– which, again, we can see why they might think we were down for the count.

So, if you’re still here, we thank you for sticking around. Your patience makes this easier, but it doesn’t make our lack of attention acceptable.

It can be hard to justify working on something without getting paid for it. That’s when you know it really is a labor of love. We created Embodied Effigies because we love creative nonfiction writing. We love to read it, we love to write it. To call on one of the greats of the genre, Joan Didion says it in one of the best ways: “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”


In order to balance a little bit better, and to keep one of the editors from ripping her hair out in frustration and guilt because she keeps delaying the posts, featured writing will be changing from a once per month format to a bimonthly post. The site will soon reflect these changes, so bear with us while we get things manageable in life and writing again.

Here goes. Another issue to do, more obstacles to puzzle through, more life to balance.

Thank you for your patience while we try to find the right words.


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