First off, Featured Writing for the past TWO months is now live. Check out September with Edward A. Dougherty’s “In Praise of Pyroplasticity” and contemplate it. I mean really, we posted a month late. You can read this one a few times over. Spoiler alert: IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT.


Once you have sufficiently enjoyed September, come on over to October for the return of Kelsey Garmendia (veteran, Issue 3) with “My Mother’s Funeral.” And you will enjoy that one just as much as September’s. Or else. (I wouldn’t know if you didn’t, but I know you should. And you will. Because it’s awesome.)


Also! The reading period for Issue Four is drawing to a close, which makes this the perfect time for a drumroll up to our announcement for Issue Five.


Issue Five………… will be a SPECIAL PRINT ISSUE.

And, since it’s special… we’re talking themes.

Issue Five’s theme is pretty simple, while being THE MOST CHALLENGING THEME YET (SINCE IT’S THE FIRST):

(deep breaths) Flash Non-Fiction.


That’s right. Instead of giving you the usual “5000 word limit” on submissions, we’re cutting you off at 750 for Issue Five. Get to editing, folks, because we’re lookin’ for the short-shorts. The shortys.


Bring it.

One thought on “ANNOUNCEMENT

  1. Can’t wait for issue five!


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