Words, beautiful words

When we set out to create an issue of Embodied Effigies, we have no idea what kind of writing we’ll receive throughout the submissions process. Often, we go through a variety of reactions to the words presented before us every few months.








We have shaken our heads, laughed until we cried, taken deep breaths, shuddered under the weight of things left unsaid, sighed in relief.

All because of words. Beautiful, unflinching words. They are lines on paper, squiggles on a screen. Black on white. Characters we assign with meaning, a shared meaning that this thing means this thing means this thing means the world.


We want to make something as beautiful as the words you give us. Even if you don’t like birds, you have to admit… There’s something beautiful going on in issue three.

As we continue to read and write and create, we learn more and more about the words that each of you are capable of creating. In fact, we’ve been very fortunate to have repeat contributors with the same level of fantastic work. We want to keep growing, keep getting better, and you all make that possible.

Yes, sometimes we have delays, and we have deadlines that we miss, and we have setbacks that derail us for a little while, but we will always keep pushing to bring you truth.

Truth in words, in beautiful, simple words.


All that truth… starts again. Right now. Reading for Issue Four begins.


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