Previews for Issue Three

Well would you take a look at that: we’ve got previews of design and content for you all waiting patiently/eagerly for Issue Three.

Can I just brag for a second here? These designs– they are beautiful. I mean, they are just gorgeous. And this is a rough. ROUGH.


I am just…

To fully express myself, we’re going to have a picture post.





But seriously, guys, that’s fantastic.


And not only that, but just out today is our June Featured Writing, with one of the pieces in Issue Three: Nicole St. Pierre’s “Dear Editor:”. Go read it, right now, right here.


We’re going to take a minute and get super serious about this.


Read this:

I could tell you that my bones filled up with concrete and my skin is made of rice paper and if I try to move I will break all to pieces and I’ve got no one to clean up the mess.  Perhaps this is graphic, perhaps this is extreme, but you cannot deny that I could tell you this and yet it would not be good enough.



Every part of Nicole St. Pierre’s writing is like this. It is that amazing and wonderful and even moreso, and we are so excited to feature it for June as well as in Issue Three of Embodied Effigies.


So go read it, and John will keep designing, and I’ll just be over here proofing and editing and contacting and organizing everything else, feeling like the least creative cog in this incredible device.





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