Logistics and Correspondence Master Cat here with some news:


Whew! After much deliberation and very silent arguing (not really, we tend to agree on just about every piece we read. We’re like that sometimes.), we’ve finally responded to all the submissions for Issue Three. In fact, we’re about to send out information to our contributors and head straight to work on designing and getting Issue Three up and running.


After a chance encounter with Design Guru and Wildlife Aficionado John at the Muncie, Indiana Goodwill, I think I can safely give you a spoiler alert as to Issue Three:

We’ve done deer. Get ready for a different part of the animal kingdom.


This issue is for the birds (which, on a related note, my sister-in-law would absolutely hate as she has been terrified of birds since childhood [thanks to an underage viewing of Hitchcock’s The Birds as well as visits to parts of the zoo involving birds swooping over and at her head]. How’s that for a shout-out, Evie?).



Anyway, we’ll be hard at work getting this issue going, so long as we’re not hard at work reading and writing and shelving books. (Did you hear? Both of your editors are now handy-dandy library workers!)


Anyway, best wishes to everyone, and here’s to an absolutely crazy development phase for Issue Three!

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