In Truth

As we read the words submitted for Issue Three, we have to be careful. This has been true for the past issues as well–

We are a creative nonfiction magazine, therefore, we’re looking for reality in our pages, but who is to say what reality really is? In our calls for submissions, we ask for:

“…your truths, your lies, and everything else in that muddled-up gray area in between…”

or something like that.


So what do we do when we receive something that isn’t CNF? What if it’s fiction, and we don’t find out until after we’ve published it?


Honestly, we’re trying to figure that out as well. We don’t want to take away that publication from our contributors, especially after we’ve gone through and done the contract and made the magazine.


So far, the best we can do is ask for creative nonfiction writing and hope that everything we get falls into that category. It’s true, we can’t prove it without a long interview process and possible background check and maybe even some sort of truth serum, but we did ask for lies as well. We asked for everything in between- And we do want it.


Most of all, what Embodied Effigies wants to publish are words that make us feel real. Perhaps that is the truth, or at least the best reality we can come to– do we feel real in reading these words put in front of us?


Do you feel real when the whispers of a lie caress the page?


Or can you tell at all?


I suppose we’ll find out. In the meantime, we have at least one truth for you in our Featured Writing this month…

guess which.

The Ear Doctors Understand Nothing or Linda


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