Happy Anniversary

One year ago today, two college kids sat on a couch and decided they’d make a magazine. They tossed out words and knew only what kind of writing they loved.

And suddenly we’re here. One year old already, and feeling more and more legitimate by the day. As an anniversary gift for the magazine, here’s a summary of our first two issues: A word cloud, with the top 200 words used throughout the issues, website, and featured writing. Feel free to draw your own conclusions on what kind of magazine we have become.

Happy Anniversary Embodied Effigies!

A word cloud of the top 200 words used throughout Issues One & Two

Thank you all for a wonderful year. We hope to continue to grow throughout year two and in all the years to come. What’s in store for year two, though? Well, obviously issues three and four, and the full return of featured writing. The rest will have to be a surprise– but just know that we couldn’t have done it without you.



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